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Jet City Improv And Your Year-End Giving

Posted Dec 18, 2014 in Announcements, Improv For Good

For many people, the big yellow building that houses Jet City Improv is more than just a theater. It’s a home – yours and ours. But we are not always at home. Sometimes, we go to where we are needed.

We go to visit kids who are incarcerated. We show them new ways to open up and communicate using improv skills.

We go to visit kids who are ill. We play with them on-stage and off and put on the best show we can.

This is who we are. We call it “Improv for Good.”

Over 665 kids were in attendance for this year’s camp shows, not counting parents, counselors, nurses and friends. Our goal is to come to every camp that requests a show.

Sadly, we had to turn down two camps this year due to budget constraints.

In our big yellow house, Jet City Improv makes thousands of people laugh, using improv skills and techniques that bring the word “Yes!” into shows full of collaboration and connection.  This positive attitude is what makes improvisation so fun and so popular.  Our big yellow house rocks with laughter and joy.

Imagine the impact that learning those positive skills can have on kids whose lives have led to incarceration.

“Thank you for coming to J Hall today …
It was certainly a nice change from staying in our cells.”

– Zeke

“ You are a really funny guy and thank you for helping kids like us
that are in lock up and can’t see our family.”

– Joseph

“… this has to be one of the best because it had all of my inmates laughing.”
– Santana

Jet City Improv, while we are at home, creates new plays through improvisation every night when we perform our Jet City Improv Presents series.  Our flagship Jet City Improv show, Twisted Flicks, Upside Downton, and Clues are some of the recent and current productions that showcase the talent of our wonderful company of performers.

Imagine the laughter those performers can share with kids with special needs.

Yes we LOVE having you guys out! Cannot wait to see you guys!
– Tessie, camp counselor at Burn Camp Eyabsut 

Families truly had a meaningful and enjoyable experience at KAT-FISH camp and we greatly appreciate the role you played in making it possible!
– Andrea, Juvenile Arthritis Regional Manager, Arthritis Foundation

You can share in that impact. Every donation we receive helps us to provide more outreach, more performances and more classes. Each donation helps make all our programming possible.

Our goal for next summer is that every camp that gives us a call will get the opportunity to see a Jet City Improv show – and those kids will laugh, smile, feel better and just be a kid for a while, no matter what they are struggling with!

In addition, our Board of Directors has issued a $4800 challenge grant towards our end-of-year fundraising efforts. You are invited to help us make that challenge and go a long way towards meeting our goal for next summer.

[Click here to make a one-time donation]

[Click here to set up a recurring donation for next year]

Please help us in our mission. Use the links above to send a tax-deductible donation so we can continue expanding our outreach program, and consider joining our team in 2015 with enrollment in our recurring donation program. We would love to have you.

This big yellow building is more than just a theater. It’s a home, and it is part of a larger community that we share. Come share with us.


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