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Back To Camp With Chris Dewar

Posted Mar 9, 2015 in Words

Chris Dewar is the director of Good Morning Campers, but he was a kid once. These are some of his thoughts on why theater based on summer days of yore is ripe for good stories (and good comedy).

– – –

Of all of nature’s seasons, no other holds a grip on our collective imaginations like summer. Like summer itself, summer camp offers a tantalizing myriad of possibilities: a break from life’s monotony, an opportunity for self-discovery and a chance for romance (or maybe, more accurately, a slow dance with your crush).

For many young people, camp is a rite of passage or place to come of age. For many adults, camp is a nostalgic collage of memories composed of first kisses, sunburns, and cannon balls. For me, camp is all of the above . . . and then some.

Growing up on the salty shores of Cape Cod I had the good fortune to attend several types of camps as a kid, from a sailing camp where I learned how to properly capsize a sunfish sailboat to an overnight canoe trip to Washburn Island. Today, I have the privilege to work for the Seattle Children’s Theatre Drama School where we provide a different variety of the summer camp experience. There may be a dearth of bunks and bug juice at SCT, but at the heart of our programming we share the same DNA as my beloved Camp Twin Lakes. We give kids the opportunity to take risks, express themselves, and make lots of noise, and at Good Morning Campers you shall see an extraordinary cast do the same.

It is my sincere hope that Good Morning Campers and the bucolic setting of Camp Twin Lakes transports you back to your days at camp, or at the very least brings you a ray of August sunshine in the waning days of winter.

– – –

You can learn more about Good Morning Campers here, and learn more about Jet City Improv’s work with summer camps here.

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Mar 10, 2015 at 4:43 pm

Fantastic show! #totesrec

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