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This Saturday: Jet City Improv 3016

Posted Jul 13, 2016 in Deals, Shows

Behold! The world of tomorrow at Summer Madness!

Spend a night with us in the far-away year of 3016. Comedy has survived as the last remaining bastion of humanity and we have an obligation to keep its memory alive for our species. This means you, human!

Audience members that bring a robot pal to the show (anything from a Roomba to a Transformer) or are a robot themselves (wear something shiny!) will get $1 off all their drinks and snacks while watching a collected cast of humans and one robot perform the distant future of improvised comedy. Maybe this is the night we reach the comedy singularity!

Perhaps of most note to members of the human race us the fact that the audience member with best suggestion of the night will receive a few ounces of fresh water and one piece of organic produce. Yes, we can afford it. But only barely.

Additionally, everyone who doesn’t already have a Madness Pass will get one at the door, which they can take back in time to the year 2016 to get $5 tickets for the rest of that year’s summer – including Dog Night, Prom Night, and more. (Don’t be afraid of Dog Night – those dogs were nothing like the combatants of the the Great Dog War of 3012).

Tickets: 8:00 | 10:30

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