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Annnouncing Our 25th Anniversary Season

Posted Sep 8, 2016 in Announcements, Press, Shows

To kick off its 25th year of audience-powered live comedy, Jet City Improv is proud to announce a slate of six productions in its Jet City Improv Presents series, the return of JCI Late Night, and the continuation of two year-round flagship shows for a year of performances celebrating the organization’s quarter-century of unique comedy.

“This season is a perfect blend of honoring our past and staying true to our core of creating new work,” said Andrew McMasters, co-founder and Artistic Director of Jet City Improv. “We wanted to create a season that really celebrates all that we have accomplished over the last 25 years while also using the knowledge we’ve gained to create brand new experiences for our audiences.”

Jet City Improv Presents is an ongoing series of new ensemble works that present improvised stories complete with sets, costumes, and props like a traditional scripted performance. Despite a more polished appearance, the art and spirit of improvisation still lie at the heart of each performance and every story is created based on unique suggestions and input provided by the audience.

Shows returning for the 2016-2017 season include the wildly popular non-partisan political satire Election Show (Oct 6 – Nov 4, Nov 8), the romantic smash hit Austen Translation (Dec 1-23), and fan-favorite improvised Shakespeare play The Lost Folio (Jun 1-23). World premier improvised plays include a live confection competition at Britain’s Baking Challenge (Jan 12 – Feb 10), the rise and fall of an improvised hip-hop supergroup Straight Outta Lyrics (Mar 9 – 23), and the tech satire The Startup (Apr 13 – May 12).

Watch: the creators of the shows in the 2016-2017 Jet City Improv Presents season explain their creations

Returning for the 2016-2017 season is the JCI Late Night series on Saturday nights. These productions aim to draw from the heart of sketch comedy in order to push the boundaries of theater, uniting performers and audiences around a few thematic rules and setting them loose in pursuit of fast, funny, intelligent comedy that holds nothing back.

In addition to the return of Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas (Nov 25 – Dec 23) for its 10th year of ruining audience members’ precious holiday memories, brand new shows in this series will be announced throughout the year at

With both of these series, along with year-round performances of the flagship Jet City Improv show and improvised movie re-dubbing show Twisted Flicks, Jet City Improv continues to pursue its mission of enlightening, educating and entertaining audiences through the art of improvisation.


Oct 6 – Nov 4 2016 // Thu + Fri at 8pm
Special Election Night Show: Nov 8
Created and directed by John Boyle and Douglas S Willott
The long-running political satire show returns in the nick of time with one simple promise to the American people: we will make elections fun again. This year’s non-partisan skewering of the political process comes with the chance for audiences to create a candidate to their liking – in either the Whig or Bull Moose party – and stand by them through a flurry of town hall debates, cutthroat punditry, attack ads, and the traditional frightening of old people in an epic battle for the White House. Since every show produces a brand new president based on the votes of the audience, theater-goers can finally expect a level of promises and pandering every voter deserves.

Dec 1 – 23 2016 // Thu + Fri at 8pm
Created and directed by Andrew McMasters
Jet City Improv, in partnership with Book-It Repertory Theatre, is proud to announce the triumphant return of the 2014 smash hit that stole critics’ hearts when it proved that “decorum and witty repartee can still be very funny.”  While faithful readers of Jane Austen are sure to delight in the country dances, carriage rides, and turns about the room in this unscripted romance, beloved characters like Mr. Darcy or Emma Woodhouse will be nowhere in sight. Instead, a cast of trained improvisational actors will create an all-new tale full of stolen glances, tantalizing secrets, and a love story that will leave you breathless.

Jan 12 – Feb 10 2017 // Thu + Fri at 8pm
Created by Alison Luhrs and Nathan Cox, directed by Elicia Wickstead
Witness the creation of characters and real confections baked on-stage! Inspired by PBS’ The Great British Baking Show, this improvised baking competition challenges its actors to develop contestants while also navigating a fleet of ovens, mixers, and cooking utensils to produce a batch of baked treats to be consumed by the judges (and a few lucky audience members) before the end of the show.

Mar 9-23 2017 // Thu + Fri at 8pm
Created and directed by Steve Lange
A Tribe Called Yes is an immersive hip-hop improvisational experience that brings together actors, musicians, and MCs to tell the story of a fictional supergroup’s rise to superstardom while paying tribute to the art form they love. The show begins with a live DJ firing up his turntables as soon as the audience enters the auditorium and can’t stop (won’t stop) until the audience has experienced a story about the feuds, fame, and family that shaped the world of hip-hop.

Apr 13 – May 12 2017 // Thu + Fri at 8pm
Created and directed by Trent Walkiewicz
Get in on the ground floor of the next big thing. Every performance of this world premiere improvised play takes a satirical look at the world of tech through the story of a brand new startup’s humble beginnings and meteoric rise to the top. A unique array of apps and tools allow the audience to shape the story form their seats, subjecting the actors and the fictional company to performance reviews, surprise slides during improvised TED talks, and groundbreaking new ideas about how to disrupt the world as everyone attempts to make their billions … or bust.

Jun 1-23 2017 // Thu + Fri at 8pm
Created by Phill Arensberg, Kyle Kizzier and Andrew McMasters, directed by Phill Arensberg
You’re invited to the premier of a brand-new play by William Shakespeare, despite the legendary playwrights’ very notable handicap of being long deceased! Audiences are asked to participate throughout the performance in order to assist the actors in the creation of plots devises and character flaws as the actors improvise their monologues in iambic pentameter and weave together a great comedy or tragedy that would make the Bard proud. Some members of the audience may even be asked to play a small role themselves, armed with the confidence that no-one has ever played the part as well as they in this play’s (very short) history.


Oct 15 – Nov 19 2016 // Sat at 10:30pm
Created and directed by Alison Luhrs and Laura Turner
History sucks. These women will make it better. Experience the past like never before as an all-female cast of comedians revisit famous, infamous, and obscure times in human history in (as suggested by the audience) in an effort to change the future for the better. For mature audiences only.

Uncle Mike 620x400
Nov 25 – Dec 23 2016 // Fri + Sat at 10:30pm
Created and directed by Douglas S Willott
Once-sacred holiday memories provided by the audience are invaded by the obscene, vulgar, and generally perverse mind of Uncle Mike (played by Mike Murphy, who returns for his tenth season in this role). Every tale is a new escape for those wishing to replace the sickening sweetness of some holiday specials with a completely different sickening feeling.

Jan – Jun 2017 // Sat at 10:30pm
An ongoing mix of fan favorites and upstart comedy experiences. Visit for more information as it is announced.


Fridays + Saturdays
Seattle’s own brand of short-form improv comedy since 1992. Every show is a mix of classic improv comedy games alongside brand new creations, all based on audience suggestions and interactions that are crafted into pure comedy by our seasoned improvisers.

The last weekend of every month
Seattle’s only live movie re-dubbing show (now in its 18th year) merges improv and bad movies for a unique and hilarious comedy experience. Every month features a new film getting an improvised soundtrack performed live based on suggestions from that night’s audience.

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