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All The Show Info for this Weekend – March 23, 24 and 25: Puppets, Rap and More!

Posted Mar 22, 2017 in Announcements, Cast Lists, Shows

Here’s what is happening this weekend:

A Tribe Called Yes  – Thursday March 23 and Friday March 24 at 8:00PM  –

Join us for an immersive hip-hop improvisational experience that brings together actors, musicians, and MCs to tell the story of underdogs on a freestyle trip to fame and misfortune.  Every show begins with a live DJ firing up his turntables as soon as the audience enters the auditorium and can’t stop (won’t stop) until the audience has experienced a story about the feuds, fame, and family that shaped the world of hip-hop.

Jet City Improv  –   Seattle’s favorite high-energy short form comedy show takes the stage every Friday and Saturday!!!  THREE Jet City Shows this weekend – Friday at 10:30 and Saturday night features two JCI shows; one at 8:00 and a 10:30 Jet City Improv show that is all puppets.

Guest Improvisers Ben Lidgus and Elizabeth Westerman bring their incredible array of character puppets to the JCI stage for night of Jet City Improv – performed by puppets!  Don’t miss this rare JCI show!  Saturday 10:30PM!!

Here’s the cast of JCI this weekend:

Friday March 24 – 10:30PM

Kris Corbitt  – MC

Jed Thompson – SFX

Trent Walkiewicz

Joe Koenen

Derrek Greenleaf

Mandy Price


Stephen Atwell – TBD

Saturday March 25, 8:00PM

Chris Dewar – MC

Joe Koenen– SFX

Doug Willott

Kayla Teel

Ian Schempp


Paul Neet – TBA

Saturday March 25, JCI Puppet Show – 10:30PM

Ian Schempp – MC

Kayla Teel 

Mike Christensen

Brandon Baker

Ben Lidgus – Guest Improviser

Elizabeth Westerman – Guest Improviser

Paul Neet – TBA

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Jennae Numo

Apr 4, 2017 at 9:46 pm

Hello I'm interested in volunteering and attending A showing of a tribe called yes. Please email me more information thanks.

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