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26th Season of Shows!

Posted Aug 25, 2017 in Announcements, Shows, Words

To kick off its 26th season of improv comedy shows, Jet City Improv is thrilled to announce a slate of 10 new productions!

“This season is truly a reflection of where our audience is at this moment,” says Andrew McMasters, Artistic Director of Jet City Improv. “It reflects their concerns, fears and hopes, and I can’t wait to see these shows in action!”

Want to catch an improv comedy show? Here’s the season:

Oct 5-Nov 10, 2017 (except Oct 27) // Thu + Fri at 8 pm
Jet City Improv Presents Show
Created and directed by Michael Yichao

Everyone loves a musical. This one just happens to be about the end of the world. Dystopia! The Musical takes a lighthearted look at the apocalypse. This playful improvised musical is half existential dread and half glitter. You tell us how the world ends. Then we tell you what happens in song.

Oct 14-Nov 18, 2017 // Sat at 10:30 pm
Jet City Improv Late Night Show
Created and directed by Margaret Erickson

Do you dare enter the horrible haunting world of the mind? The Nightmare Society tells the tale of a commune of artists who realize nightmares at the sound of a grandfather clock. This twisted improv comedy show explores the eeriness and absurdity of nightmares. You write down your fears. Then we bring them to life.

Nov-Dec 2017
Jet City Improv Late Night Show
Created and directed by Doug Willott

You better watch out. You better not cry. It’s the 10 Year Anniversary of Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas. This obscene improv comedy show centers on Uncle Mike, a vulgar perverted monstrosity of a man, who twists cheerful Christmas stories into disgusting clusterf*cks. You write down a heartwarming holiday memory. We re-enact it. Then Uncle Mike ruins it.

Nov-Dec 2017
Jet City Improv Presents Show
Created and directed by Katy Nuttman

Danger. Deception. SCHOOL DANCES. Nancy You follows the adventures of Nancy, a typical teenager turned super sleuth. This wholesome improv comedy show spotlights the awkward world of teenagers and the wonderful world of detectives. You tell us a mystery. Then we solve it.

Jan-Feb 2018
Jet City Improv Late Night Show
Created and directed by Graham Downing

Half karaoke. Half comedy. Empty Orchestra is a hilarious high-energy celebration of all things karaoke. This supportive improv comedy show temporarily transforms an entire theater into the world’s best karaoke bar, complete with drinks, fog machines and lasers. You sing a song. Then we make you laugh.

Mar 2018 // 8 pm
Jet City Improv Limited Edition Show
Created by The National Theatre of the World
Directed by Dave Clapper

One part script. Two parts improv. Script Tease is a brave new collaboration between the scripted and improvised theater communities. This courageous production challenges a playwright to write the first six pages of a brand new play. You see us perform a staged reading. Then we drop our scripts and improvise the rest.

Mar-Apr 2018 // 8 pm
Jet City Improv Presents Show
Created and directed by Joe Koenen

Sexy, spooky and downright darling. Roxy Music Horror Show follows the story of two squares who find themselves in a mansion filled with campy characters. This fantastical improvised musical is all singing, all dancing and all fun. You shout out suggestions. Then we re-imagine this cult classic in song.

Jun 2018 // 8 pm
Jet City Improv Limited Edition Show
Created by Margaret Erickson

Biting social commentary. Awesome empowering comedy. Bechdel Test is a sharp satirical critique inspired by the Bechdel-Wallace test, which examines gender equality in movies. In order to pass the test, a movie simply needs to feature two named female characters talking to each other about something other than a man. This all-female improv comedy show invites you to live in a world unlike our own where all movies pass the test. You name a movie. Then we make it pass.

8 to 6

May-Jun 2018
Jet City Improv Presents Show
Created by Mandy Price and Doug Willott
Directed by Laura Turner

A modern twist on an old classic. 8 to 6 follows the story of three female employees who get revenge on their disgusting boss. Think misogyny, microaggressions and more. This empowering improv comedy show examines the experiences of women in the workplace. You shout out suggestions. Then we give the boss his just desserts.

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