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Jet City Improv – Shows, casts, News and more for April 19, 20 and 21

Posted Apr 19, 2018 in Announcements, Cast Lists, Shows

→ The New Improvised Musical  CLOSING WEEKEND – Get swept up in this fantastical improvised musical that’s all singing, all dancing and all fun. You shout out suggestions. Then we improvise a sexy, vibrant and outrageous story with songs. Thursdays and Fridays at 8:00PM.

→ Jet City Improv  –   Friday April 20, 10:30PM AND Saturday April 21 8:00PM!!!   Seattle’s favorite high-energy short form comedy show takes the stage this weekend for TWO HUGE SHOWS!

→ Shot Prov – This show blurs the line between comedy and drinking game. You’ll be entertained by Seattle’s funniest improvisers as they start out sober and end up drunk.  Each show boasts a random set of rules. Every time an improviser breaks a rule, they have to take a shot. After they take 5 shots, they’re booted out of the game. Here’s the catch: the improvisers don’t get to see the rules!   Saturdays at 10:30pm

Jet City Improv cast – Friday April 20 – 10:30PM

Margaret Erickson – MC

Chris Dewar – SFX

Laura Turner

Pearl Townsend

Lynn Trickey


Connor Griffin – Technical Improviser


Jet City Improv cast – Saturday April 21– 8:00PM

Mike Christensen – MC

Lauren Domino – SFX

Derrek Greenleaf

Doug Willott

Ryan Miller

Ian Schempp

Paul Neet  – Technical Improviser

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