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Seattle Open Participants Ticket Claim Form

Hi Seattle Open participants!

If you’d like a free ticket to one of our shows, simply fill out the following form by Wednesday, March 23rd. Only one free ticket is available, and it’s to thank you for all your hard work competing in the tournament.

If you’d like to bring a friend who isn’t a Seattle Open participant, they can get a ticket for only $12 here.

The shows available are:

Jet City Improv – Friday 3/25 at 10:30pm
Jet City Improv – Friday 4/1 at 10:30pm
Jet City Improv – Saturday 4/2 at 8pm
Jet City Improv – Friday 4/8 10:30pm
Jet City Improv – Saturday 4/9 at 8pm

Here’s the form – just be sure to fill it out by Wednesday, March 23rd so we can secure you a spot at the show you want!

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Show you'd like to come see