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Our Board

Jet City Improv Board of Directors

Board members are volunteers who oversee a nonprofit organization like Jet City Improv, assisting in governance, finance, human resource management, and fundraising.  It takes a special kind of person to commit time to any nonprofit, especially an arts organization. Jet City Improv’s board is made up of people who love improv theater and our outreach efforts.

Bryan Mize (he/him) – Acting President

Bryan enjoys supporting the arts community in Seattle and is passionate about the role that Improv serves in supporting healthy, vibrant communities. He grew up the “son-of-a-landlord” right here in Seattle, and personally owns and manages several rental properties. He has been a Licensed Managing Real Estate Broker (#17647) for over 15 years, and started Optimized Inspection Services LLC (#750) in 2010 to assist all with informed acquisition of real estate assets. With a BS in Business from Columbia College of Missouri, Bryan looks forward to helping JCI continue its mission.


Cheryl Meckley (she/her) – Acting Vice President

Cheryl considers improv to the be the central reason for her perfect life. She met her husband at an improv performance and after attending classes to learn the formal art of improv, discovered a passion and love for a skill that transforms her quirky humor and exasperating ability to say whatever she is thinking into entertainment for audiences. Cheryl is currently a business analyst in the exciting world of Medicare managed care. In her free time, she performs, writes, teaches, and blogs. Cheryl joined Jet City Improv Board to help bring the important work that Jet City Improv does with summer camps across Washington to more communities. She received her BS in psychology from University of Washington. Cheryl is the mother of two impeccable children and lives in sleepy West Seattle.


Jamie Gardner (she/her) – Treasurer

Jamie has served on the Jet City Improv Board of Directors since September of 2016, and had served as the Treasurer of the Board since July of 2017. In her career as a CPA and Audit Manager at Sweeney Conrad, P.S. she provides audit, accounting, and financial advisory services to closely held businesses and their owners. She serves clients in a multitude of industries including commercial real estate, nonprofit organizations, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and employee benefit plans — specializing in defined contribution and health and welfare trusts. She is also the head of campus recruiting for Sweeney Conrad. Jamie is a graduate of the Foster School of Business at University of Washington, and also has her Masters of Professional Accounting from the University of Washington.


Kristine Antonsen (she/her) – Secretary

Kristine joined the Jet City Improv Board of Directors in March of 2019 and is proud to serve the Jet City Improv community in this capacity. Kristine is a marketing manager for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and brings her marketing, brand, writing and communications expertise to the Board of Directors. Kristine is passionate about quality health care, access to care, transparency on health care insurance and equity, inclusion and representation in every facet of life. She has served JCI as a long-term volunteer, plus is an independent improviser in the community. Kristine is a proud Husky and alumna of JCI’s neighbor, the University of Washington, as well as the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and the Jet City Improv Academy.

Edwin del Carpio (he/him)

Edwin is President and Managing Director of the Aldaris CPA Group, an accounting and tax firm in Seattle. With a penchant for explaining complex accounting and tax issues in a nontechnical way, Edwin can quickly assess a client’s needs to help them minimize tax liability through sound tax strategies and ongoing accounting support. Edwin helps his clients create a collaborative road map to help realize all of their immediate and long-term financial plans. Edwin has 24 years of hands-on experience in public accounting and private industry. He is licensed to practice public accounting in Washington and California and is an active member of the Seattle business community. In addition to his tenure in public accounting, Edwin proudly supports Seattle’s thriving cultural scene.

Desirae McCain (she/her)

Desirae is on the Human Resource team at Filter, LLC and specializes in benefit design, policy development, employee training, event planning, recruitment, and employee engagement. Desirae became a part of the Jet City Improv family in 2015 and joined the Board of Directors to assist in the effort to grow and improve the JCI organization. Outside of JCI and her office, you can find Desirae around Seattle performing sketch comedy, running half-marathons, building spreadsheets, singing karaoke, and playing board games.

Brian Muchinsky (he/him)

Brian believes that the core principles of improvisational performance (positivity, bravery, listening and collaboration), broadly applied, lay the foundation for a happy and successful life. His passion to perform improv inspired him to join the JCI Board. Brian is a prominent litigator and general civil practitioner with nearly two decades of experience solving problems of all sizes. This background provides a unique perspective that helps guide Jet City on legal matters of great complexity while never losing sight of its fundamental artistic mission. His long-term vision for JCI is to export these values not only to its players and students, but to the community at large. He is profoundly blessed to have four children, two cats and an amazing wife (not necessarily in that order).

Elizabeth Pew (she/her)

Elizabeth is a Career Counselor living in Tacoma and working at JBLM, and brings strong HR experience including the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices. She has significant community volunteer experience, most notably serving as commissioner on Seattle’s Women’s Commission, volunteer with SIFF, Pomegranate Center and Northwest Harvest. Wanting to find a way to give back, she was happy to read about JCI’s search for board member candidates since she took her first improv class here at JCI. Today, finding a lack of improv in the Tacoma area, she leads improv meet-up groups around town.

Amanda Simantov (she/her)

Amanda has a tremendous passion for improv theater. While she is not a performer, Amanda swears that the skills she learned in improv classes have helped her develop in her professional career (seriously! take classes!). Amanda has worked in the non-profit sector for her entire professional career and has 15+ years of corporate and individual giving experience. Amanda is currently a juris doctorate candidate at Seattle University School of Law.


Hear what previous Board members have to say about Jet City Improv:

“Improv performers do not just embrace “yes, and” on the stage. They are fearless in strategic planning processes and giving of their time, talent, and treasure to keep the doors open to their beloved improv home. While I like to believe that I was helpful to the organization, the improvisers gave me their can-do spirit, a gift that I use every day at work and daily life.” -Carla Villar

“Jet City Improv is truly a wonderful organization with strong values and a really fun creative culture.   I can assure anyone considering a board position that your thoughts and ideas will be valued and your experience is needed to help the business prosper.  I can also tell everyone that the theater world is a little addictive and you may just get hooked – I know I did!” -Tim Seaton

“Comedy is such a critically important form of artistic expression, and to whatever extent that JCI helps fill that need in Seattle, I take pride in knowing that I played my own small part in helping make that happen.” -Matt Grabowski