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Financial Aid

If you are interested in taking classes, and the tuition would be a significant burden on you, we can help! Come volunteer with JCI and receive discounts on class tuition.

General Info


One volunteer shift is equal to a $10 discount on the class.

If you volunteered two shows in a given night, that is equal to TWO $10 discount units.

Minimum $40 discount – Must have minimum 4 unredeemed shifts.

Maximum Discounts:

Improv 101-103 (Full price: $225) Can get up to $120 [12 shifts] off (therefore, will have to pay $105 out-of-pocket)

Improv 201 and Up (Full price: $250) Can get up to $140 [14 shifts]  off (therefore, will have to pay $110 out-of-pocket)


If you “volunteered” at a rental or showcase, these shifts cannot be redeemed for a discount, since you got paid for these shifts (probably $15 – which is $5 more than a regular shift discount!).


You do not need to know exactly how many shifts you have worked, or the exact dates. Production Director Brandon Jepson has those records.