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We provide the bucket, you provide the show!

\ ◕‿◕ / ~ Funbucket.

\ >﹏< / ~ Funbucket!

\ ◠ O ◠ / ~ FUNBUCKET!

The fast, funny, glorious Funbucket has returned and waits for you! Here’s how it works: bring any item to put in the Funbucket that is not a liquid, not from a body, and not anything you need returned to you in its original condition (the item you bring may be changed, and it may change you).

Your item may be pulled from the Funbucket and transformed into an amazing, unpredictable improv experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Fate chose you for this purpose!

When can I see it?

Saturdays at 10:30, March 5 – April 23 2016

What does it cost?

Advance tickets are $12-$15 plus a $2 service fee. Tickets at the door are $15-$18. Discounts are available for students (with ID) and seniors over 55 (also with ID), military personnel and TPS members.

Would you like to bring a group? Grab a discount for 10+ people by clicking here.

Age Appropriateness

WARNING! Funbucket can be (and often is) highly offensive, rude, graphic, obscene, and fun. It is for mature audiences only.



Directed by Douglas Willott
Created by Ian Schempp

About JCI Late Night

FUNBUCKET premiered in 2008 and returns to the 2015-2016 Season as part of the brand new JCI Late Night series.

JCI Late Night is our collection of original formats that aim to push the boundaries of theater, uniting performers and audiences around a few thematic rules before setting them loose in pursuit of fast, funny, intelligent comedy that holds nothing back. Often provocative and always entertaining, these late night productions are sketch comedy’s cutting-edge cousin that don’t need a script or a set to deliver big laughs.