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GLAMOROUS LADIES IMPROVISING MAYBE MORE EVENTUALLY W”R”ESTLING. Inspired by GLOW, This show follows a group of women (and their coaches/families) in the 80’s who seek something different than their ordinary day jobs and fall in to the world of improvised wresting.

Created by Rebekah Schroeter.

When can I see it?

Thursdays and Fridays at 7:30pm, March 5-20 & April 2-10, 2020.

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Age Appropriateness

This show may include adult language and themes.

About Jet City Improv Presents

GLIMMER is the newest edition to Jet City Improv’s line of improvised plays. Unlike most short-form improv formats that involve improvisers switching from game to game and creating brand new scenes every time, Jet City Improv Presents is an ongoing series of longform improv shows that present one or many stories around one cohesive theme. Improv still lies at the heart of each show, and every story is created based on unique suggestions and input every night. So yes, even though Jet City Improv Presents shows have sets and costumes and some thematic rules, the major role of the audience guarantees that no two performances are ever alike.

Jet City Improv’s 28th season is made possible by support from the following:

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