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Comedy to Go

Let us bring the comedy to you!

Jet City Improv has over twenty years of experience bringing our unique style of improv comedy to every venue imaginable, large and small!  Our time-tested, audience interactive shows have traveled far and wide and are sure to be a big hit at your next event. Everything from birthday celebration to office parties and holiday events pair perfectly with Jet City Improv’s audience-powered comedy.

Every show is tailored to your needs: you pick the type of show, the length, and even tip us off on which audience volunteers your guests will want to see brought on stage to be a part of the show.  Is your HR Department or administration sweating a live comedy show?  No worries!  Jet City Improv is always appropriate for everyone and never “blue” or off-color!

“Our team had a blast! We are still quoting lines from the show!”

“Thank you for your performance at Chihuly Garden and Glass’s Third Anniversary last weekend! The artists gave a funny, high energy performance and our guests loved it. We really enjoyed working with you guys again.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  All my coworkers raved about how hilarious y’all were and we had such a great time! Thanks for bringing the fun!”

– Recent Clients

There’s still time to book Jet City Improv for YOUR Holiday Party!  Dates are filling fast, so please drop us a line!


Get a quote by calling Mike at 206-352-8291 x4 or filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Featured Shows:


Jet City Improv – Our flagship show! A higher plane of comedy.

If you are searching for a unique, audience participation comedy show, Jet City Improv is it!  The show features Seattle’s most talented performers creating improv comedy based on suggestions gathered from the audience.   It’s a fast paced, funny show that appeals to everyone!

Jet City Improv has been performing every weekend in Seattle since 1992, plus touring the Northwest and beyond!   Corporations, colleges, small businesses, universities, churches, high school, arts organizations, conventions of all types – all have enjoyed Jet City Improv’s unique style of comedy.

Our team of professional improvisers will solicit suggestions from your guests and create hilarious scenes, characters and improvisational comedy routines from that material.

We can also provide the opportunity for guests to take part in the show by joining the performers on stage for a few select scenes.  It’s also possible to customize the show to reflect your business or event.  And unlike stand-up, each performance is unique and always appropriate for all, the material will not embarrass your guests by being, dirty, “blue” or off-color.


Spotlight Show – Your Guest of Honor is the focus!

Three improvisers arrive at your location to create a comedy show starring your special someone.

The players perform thirty minutes of improvised comedy that directly involves the guest of honor in a number of ways!   The honoree may end up performing with the players, adding input into the scenes from off-stage or the scene is based on a detail from their life!   Friends and family are involved as well – and for the shy – we can adjust the participation to a comfortable level.

Popular for birthdays – also fun for retirement events, anniversaries and bachelor or bachelorette parties!


Secret Character Infiltration – Infiltrate your next party with Comedy!

Four professional improv actors will infiltrate your event with unique characters, raise havoc and some eyebrows!

The waiter with the strange dialect is overly-friendly and fairly untalented and the head chef would rather talk to you about his UFO experience.    Seated at your table is an odd visiting client from Norway, along with the new temp who seems to be a little tipsy and challenging other tables to arm wrestle.

Tell us about your company and your event, and we’ll create characters outrageous yet believable. It’s all done in good fun and taste, never crossing the line or going too far.  Near the end the actors will reveal themselves as improvisers from Jet City Improv, and perform a short improv show to cap the evening.

Your guests will love being “had” and will remember this two hour event for years to come!


The Lost Folio – an improvised Shakespeare in five acts and one hour!

The Lost Folio is a fun, funny, fast-paced, improvised version of Shakespeare that’s accessible to anyone. You’re invited to name th echaracters, add plot twists, character flaws and more!

This show is two parts iambic pentameter and one part punk rock.  It’s fierce, rowdy and ribald – perfectly Elizabethan but definitely NOT highbrow.
It’s the newest and most exciting comedy (or tragedy; you decide) that Shakespeare never wrote.  We’ve got your Shakespeare right here!


Twisted Flicks – Fun old movies with a funny new twist!

A Twisted Flick is a classic B-movie (such as “The Blob,” or “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”) that we show without its original sound while a team of improvisers redubs the film live, creating all new dialogue, sound effects and musical score as your guests watch the movie roll!

The combination of great old “B” movies and improv never fails to entertain, and we can customize the movie dialog to reflect your event.  Unlike stand-up, each performance is unique and always all ages appropriate, never “blue” or off-color.

Twisted Flicks has been performing in Seattle the last weekend of every month for over 17 years, at our theater and traveling around the Northwest to corporations, colleges, universities, churches and other organizations.

We have performed Flicks for The Kirkland Performance Center, Historic Everett Theater, Microsoft Zune Division, Central Washington University, Boeing SeaLaunch, the University of Washington, IKEA Performing Arts Center in Renton, Seattle Pacific University, MOPOP at the JBL Theater, the Fremont Outdoor Movies, the Admiral Theater in West Seattle, the Big Picture in Redmond and numerous private events.

The Twisted Flicks show does require a screen, projection device and a PA system. Jet City Improv can provide a sound system if needed.


Meeting Kick-Off – Jump start your meeting with improv!

Three improv pros provide a 20 minute bolt of audience inspired improv to kick-start your meeting and propel your participants into the day with positive energy and a fresh way of looking at problems. Guaranteed to get your folks laughing and raise heart rates across the board!


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