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Summer Camp Shows

The core of our outreach work is our performances and workshops for kids in the community and around the Northwest.

Every summer, we take Jet City Improv across the state of Washington to perform for free at summer camps for kids with life-altering illnesses, disabilities or kids recovering from the loss of a loved one.

In 2017 JCI visited 11 camps with 22 performances or workshops; 2018 will raise the bar for our Summer Camp Tour.

 Summer 2018 was the most ambitious Outreach Summer Camp seasons in the history of JCI.   Over 1000 campers, staff and parents at 13 different camps were treated to 31 JCI performances or workshops, from June 26 and ending November 10.

Camp Korey requested JCI return for five Family Weekend Saturdays and their Fall Festival open house in October and November; adding another six events to this total.

JCI Summer Camp Season 2018 – 13 camps – 31 appearances

94 performers – over 1000 campers

 Camp Goodtimes – (Kids in treatment – Cancer)– 2 camp performances (20th year)

Camp Leo – (Juvenile Diabetes) 4 camp performances (3nd year)

Burn Camp Eyabsut – (Burn victims) 1 performance (20th year)

MDA Summer Camp – (Muscular Dystrophy) 1 camp performance (9th year)

Camp Discovery – (Epilepsy) 1 camp performance (6th year)

Camp Kesem –  (Kids whose families are impacted by Cancer) 2 camp performances – (5th year)

Camp Stand By Me –  (Developmental Delayed Youth and Adults) – 2 performance (4th year)

Kiwanis Camp Casey (Mobility issues such as MD) – 2 camp performances (11th year)

Camp Fire – (Under-priveldged kids) 1 Camp Performance, (3rd year)

Camp Korey – (Variety of mobility issues and treatments) 3 camp performances (4th year) Plus 5 Fall Family Weekends and the Camp Korey Fall Festival open house.

Camp Oasis – Crohn’s & Colitus Foundation; 1 camp performance, (1st year)

Juvenile Arthritis National Conference (in place of KAT-FISH Camp)

three (3) one hour workshops for teens

Seattle Parks and Rec Special Programs – (Special Needs kids) 2 shows (1st year)


Dear Mike,

Just wanted to send you a note to thank you and your group for coming to Camp Discovery.  You are a real treat for the kids and they always look forward to seeing you guys!  I personally have been to Jet City several times and always appreciate your hilarious performances!

Thanks again for donating the time and energy to making camp a special experience for our kids!

Best Regards,


Program Director

Epilepsy Foundation Northwest


We don’t want to turn down any camp that requests a visit from Jet City Improv and a chance to laugh in addition to a great summer camp experience.

Your donation insures that we can visit every camp that asks. Click here to help us along.



LAST YEAR – JCI Summer Camps 2017 – 20 shows, 2 workshops, 11 camps


Camp Kesem Benefit Show with The Collective (U.W. Improv team) (3rd year)
March 29, 2017

Camp Stand By Me – 2 performance (3rd year)

June 12, Aug 15
The joy, camaraderie, and personal growth of summer camp is something almost all of us have experienced and will remember the rest of our lives.  Unfortunately, for people with disabilities, the opportunity to take part in this summer tradition is almost non-existent.  Camp Stand By Me provides this special experience with a fully accessible, adaptive camp facility, and low counselor to camper ratios.

Camp Goodtimes – 2 camp performances (15th year)

June 27 and July 18 – 2017
Location – Camp Burton, Vashon Island, WA
Camp Goodtimes is a medically-supervised, week-long camp, and is free to all cancer patients ages 7 to 17. Any child with a history of cancer is eligible to apply, whether or not he or she is currently receiving cancer treatment.

MDA Summer Camp – 1 camp performance (8th year)

June 30, 2017
Location – Camp Seymour, Gig Harbor WA
At MDA camp, kids with neuromuscular disease discover a world created specifically for them, and meet many other kids sharing the same needs and experiences. MDA campers dream about summer camp all year and often say it’s better than Christmas; some even say it’s changed their lives.

Camp Leo – 4 camp performances (2nd year)

High School July 9, Middle School July 17, Jr High July 26, Elementary August 1
Camp Leo is the only overnight camp exclusively dedicated to children with Type I Diabetes.

Burn Camp Eyabsut – Opening day of camp performance and Chili Cook-Off (15th year)

July 16, 2017
Location – Camp Waskowitz, North Bend
A positive summer camp experience that benefits burn-injured youth. A place where children ages 7 to 17 can come together to play, grow and encourage each other while building lifelong friendships!
For the past 26 years, staffed by volunteers and supported by donations, Camp Eyabsut has provided a free, fun, sometimes challenging and often life-changing experience to hundreds of burn-injured children from throughout the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID, MT, AK)

The Healing Center – 2 camp performances (2nd year)

July 27, Aug 3; 2017

The Healing Center offers a safe, loving place that honors grief, helping you to move through it and heal. We serve adults, young adults, and children who have experienced the premature death of a spouse/partner, parent, or sibling.

KATFISH Camp – 1 performance, 1 workshop (5th year)

July 27 workshop, July 28 performance

KATFISH Camp is open to kids with arthritis and related rheumatic diseases—ages 2 months to 18 years—and their immediate family members, including parents and siblings!  Arthritis Foundation camps provide a safe and secure camping experience for children and teens with juvenile arthritis and childhood rheumatic diseases.

Kiwanis Camp Casey – 2 camp performances (10th year)

July 30, July 31st , 2017
Location – Camp Casey, Whidbey Island
A week-long summer camp for physically disabled children ages 6-17 provided by the North Central Kiwanis Club for over 75 years. Campers include children with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, amputees and other physical ailments.

Camp Kesem –  2 camp performances – (4th year)

August 14 and 21st, 2017
Location – Camp Koinonia, Cle Elum
Camp Kesem is a summer camp for children whose family is struggling with cancer.

Camp Discovery – 1 camp performance (5th year)

August 6, 2017
Location – Black Diamond Camps, Auburn WA
The Camp is for children with epilepsy age 7-16 for which there is no charge. Siblings are also invited to attend Camp Discovery.

Camp Fire – 1 Camp Performance, (2nd year)

Aug 2
Location –  Carkeek Park
Overnight camp for under-privileged kids

In summer 2018 we hope to visit these camps again and add more – we don’t want to turn down any camp that requests a visit from Jet City Improv and a chance to laugh and have a great summer camp experience.

Your donation insures that we can visit every camp that asks. Click here to help us along.