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Pitch Night

We do a lot of shows, and it’s all thanks to you! You’re the best!

Improv relies on audience participation, and at Jet City Improv, we’d love for you to help us pick what shows we do next season. You’re invited to watch pitches from 10 prospective shows and then vote on your favorites. Laugh! Look behind the scenes! Lend your voice!

Pitch Night - Photo

You’ll see a sneak peek of brand new works from the following directors, performers and creators. They’re fantastic, and they’ve brought many of your favorite shows to life!

Laura Turner (Very Special Episode)
Doug Willott (Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas)
Kate Drummond (Bechdel Test)
Mike Christensen (Men of Action)
Margaret Erickson (The Nightmare Society)
Zach Wymore (Jet City Improv)
Jessica Dunstan (The New Improvised Musical)
Kayla Teel (The Nightmare Society) and Michael Draper (A Tribe Called Yes)
Brandon Jepson (Clues) and Lindsey Peterson (Twisted Flicks)
Katy Nuttman (Nancy You) and Chris Dewar (Good Morning Campers)

When can I see it?

Only 1 show! 8 pm on Monday, March 5th. Buy tickets.

What does it cost?

Tickets are $10 online to Monday shows. Tickets are $10 at the door (cash or card). Online sales close at 6 pm on the day of the show. Buy tickets.

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Age Appropriateness

This show may contain mature language and themes, but it will all be in good fun. Regardless, we won’t turn anyone away based on their age.

Refund Policy

Can’t make it to the show? Check out our refund policy.