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Shot Prov

Shot Prov blurs the line between comedy and drinking game. You’ll be entertained by Seattle’s funniest improvisers as they start out sober and end up drunk.

Each show boasts a random set of rules. Every time an improviser breaks a rule, they have to take a shot. After they take 5 shots, they’re booted out of the game. Here’s the catch: the improvisers don’t get to see the rules.

Shot Prov is at 10:30 pm on every Saturday in June at Jet City Improv! Our bar (cider, beer, liquor and wine) will be open throughout the show! Let’s wind down and drink up!

When can I see it?

Saturdays at 10:30 pm, June 3-24, 2017. Buy tickets.

What does it cost?

Tickets are $17 online on Saturdays. Last minute tickets are $18 at the door (cash or card). Discounts are available for military, seniors (55+), students and TPS members with ID.

Would you like to bring a group? Grab a discount for 10+ people by clicking here.

Want to gift this show to someone else? Consider buying a gift certificate!

Age Appropriateness

This show will contain mature themes and language. That being said, we won’t turn anyone away based on their age.


Rob Whitehead (Designated Host), Alison Luhrs, Amalia Larson, Ben Lidgus, Kate Jaeger, Mike Schubert and Nathan Cox

Belinda Fu (Designated Host), Elicia Wickstead, Ian Schempp, Kate Drummond, Michael Draper, Molly Tollefson and Nathan Cox

Laura Turner (Designated Host), Amalia Larson, Kayla Teel, Jekeva Phillips, Mike Schubert, Randy Miller and Steve Lange

Nathan Cox (Designated Host), Alison Luhrs, Doug Willott, Joe Koenen, Kate Jaeger, MJ Jurgensen and Mike Murphy


Creator and Director – Nathan Cox
Technical Improviser – Joeseph Viscia