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Twisted Flicks

Twisted Flicks is a movie experience like none other! Seattle’s only live movie re-dubbing show (now in its 17th year) merges improv and great old “B” movies for a unique and hilarious comedy experience. Here’s how it works: a cheesy “B” movie is shown on our full-size movie screen, but with its original soundtrack removed.   From there, our improvisers create all new dialogue, sound effects, and music – all live, all based on audience suggestions!

When can I see it?

  • The last weekend of the month* at 8:00pm
  • Tickets: $15, $12 for students, seniors (over 55), military and TPS members

*sometimes Thursday-Saturday, sometimes Saturday only. See our calendar for complete details.

Upcoming Flicks

Erik The Conqueror The Mummy - Small

Age Appropriateness

The movies selected for the Flick are never worse than PG, so you won’t see anything on the big screen more inappropriate than a buxom babe or some bad makeup on a fake alien wound. The improvised dialog will follow suit and will likely stay away from objectionable language you wouldn’t normally hear on, say, a network TV show.

The Jet City Improv Theater is an all ages venue.  Under 21 OK!

Cast Members

Mike Christensen
Jerry Haener
Erin Plischke
Jen Cargill
Joe Koenen
Sean Buckley
Jeannine Clarke
Tim Harahan
Glenn Bristol
Britney Barber
Kinzie Shaw
Lindsey Peterson


Art Koshi
Yancy Phillips
Chris Lundgren
Carl Petrello