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Alison Lührs – Director

Alison Lührs – Director

Alison is the co-director of Claim of Thrones and is an improviser, writer, and professional Wizard. Recent Jet City Improv credits include Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas, Britain's Baking Challenge, and Shot Prov. Alison is an emeritus performer at Jet City Improv, a producer of the College Improv Tournament, and is also 1/2 of the duo Book Club, which performed at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, Alaska State Improv Festival, and the Chicago Improv Festival. She would like to thank Ser Toddric of House Skellig for his endless love and support, Ser Nick of House Cutt for his valiant co-leadership, and all the cast and crew members of Andrias for summoning such a tremendous show into being. She would also like to thank you, the audience, for supporting unscripted theatre and giving us the chance to share the dramatic bounty of what our artform is capable of. Making you laugh is easy, but improv shines when it makes you feel everything else. Enjoy!  

Previous Jet City Improv Presents Appearance

As Actor:

Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas (2018-2016)

Britain's Baking Challenge (2017)

Periods in History (2016)

Black Flag (2015)

As director

Periods in History (2016) (co director)

As crew

Britain's Baking Challenge - Co-creator (2017)

The Modern Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Assistant Director / Dramaturg (2015)