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Amalia Larson

Amalia Larson

Amalia has been performing improv for well over half of her lifetime now. She got hooked on improv in high school (arguably when Andrew McMasters taught a guest workshop in her drama class), played at WWU with The Dead Parrot Society, then went to New York and did a stint with The Boombox Kids. Since 2012, she's performed in numerous longform shows with Jet City Improv and other theaters around town, and has lately enjoyed teaching Improv 101 & 102 (Peter S. was her student, it's not weird, it's fine, don't make it weird). Catch her in the wine-soaked improv duo Book Club, or in Scott Shoemaker's Ms. Pak-Man as the orange ghost, Sue. Amalia loves ice cream and Christmas and you should let her pet your dog. --@amaliatown

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