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Douglas Willott

Douglas Willott

Douglas Willott
Douglas Willott is a Seattle native who performs, directs, and teaches professionally. For 2017, he is donating all earnings from stage performances to The Trevor Project ( and The Southern Poverty Law Center ( He encourages you to look into these organizations, and would be honored to see you at a show or two this year.

Over the last 20 years, beyond his beloved family at Jet City, he has worked with many Seattle theaters including Ian Bell's Brown Derby Series, Unexpected Productions, ComedySportz, Theatre Schmeater, Annex, Macha Monkey, Live Girls, RK Productions, Contemporary Classics, Seattle Musical Theater, Balagan, and The 14/48 Projects. With 14/48, he has the distinction of earning the first "Fist" by taking part in all five major disciplines of the festival (Acting, Writing, Directing, Tech Design, and The Band).

As a member of Jet City Improv, Doug helped form the high school education program, teaching technique and team building to the improvisers of tomorrow. With a passion for unlocking the best from each student, he has taught adults and youth regularly since 2005, and is known for his direct, honest, constructive feedback. Doug created and directed such Jet City Improv Presents shows as Uncle Mike Ruins ChristmasSuave, Wallflowers, The Modern Adventures of Sherlock HolmesClaim of Thrones (with Jon Axell), and the internationally-traveled Election Show (with John Boyle). He has performed in various Jet City Improv Presents shows and numerous Twisted Flicks. He is also a member of Seattle based theater group The Temporary People, and half of Price/Nixon alongside Mandy Price. Doug has performed improv all over the country at festivals and toured shows, including on the main stage of The Chicago Improv Festival.

He continues to live in Seattle, right in the middle of it all on Capitol Hill. He knows way to much about movies, loves board games, and can beat you at thumb wrestling.

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