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Elicia Wickstead

Elicia Wickstead

Elicia has been improvising in Seattle since 1992. She is a founding member of the improv horror group Blood Squad, one half of The Gloomwhisper Entrancement and is an alumnus of Unexpected Productions. This is approximately her 25th Jet City Improv featured show, having most recently directed A Holiday Romance. Elicia is pleased to be remounting Claim of Thrones although she finds it difficult at times to be cruel, merciless and murder-ey to such a wonderful cast & crew. She practices kindness to animals but sometimes eats them.

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As actor

8 to 6 (2018)

Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas (2018-2010)

The Lost Folio (2017, 2012, 2010)

Austen Translation (2016, 2013)

Every Movie is a Musical (2016, 2014)

Periods in History (2016)

Very Special Episode (2016)

Claim of Thrones (2015)

American Glory (2014)

Upside Downton (2014)

Blak Cloud (2013)

Final Transmission (2011)

Goin’ Steady  (2011)

Lovetanic (2009)

Lease: Seattle's Own Rock Musical (2008)

Shades of Grey (2008)

As director

A Holiday Romance (2018)

Britain's Baking Challenge (2017)