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Kate Drummond – Director

Kate Drummond – Director

Kate Drummond is a graduate of the Seattle Children's Theatre Teaching Apprenticeship, and has a BA in Drama from Washington University in St. Louis, where she explored acting and directing. Since moving to Seattle, she has performed with Unexpected Productions and several independent improv groups, and co-founded, performed with, and directed for Dacha Theatre. Kate has appeared on Jet City stage in Claim of ThronesBlack Flag, and Periods in History, among others, and directed Bechdel Test. Kate teaches for several organizations in and around Seattle, including Seattle Children's Theatre, Bainbridge Performing Arts, foundry10, and Seattle Shakespeare Company. When not teaching or performing, Kate can be found working in the JCI office as the Education Coordinator.

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As Actor

Periods in History (2016)

Black Flag (2015)

Claim of Thrones (2015)

As Director

Bechdel Test (2019, 2018)