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Kyle Henick

Kyle Henick

Kyle is beyond excited to be performing once more with Jet City Improv.  He has only just returned from Los Angeles, having spent some time there being destitute, with a greater appreciation of Seattle and this fantastic Improv community.  You may have seen him over the last few years at JCI as part of Tall Tales, A Tribe Called Yes, and/or Dystopia! The Musical.  In preparation for this show, Kyle watched all of Game of Thrones in the span of roughly 2 weeks.  In light of this, Kyle would like to thank everyone he knows, for dealing with his reactions to the show for the first time.  He would like to thank Nick and Alison, for giving him the opportunity to be a nerd and an improviser at the same time (which is all he has ever wanted), the cast and crew for being top notch art making partners, and you, the audience, for supporting this amazing show and the amazing people who made it.

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

Dystopia! The Musical (2017)

A Tribe Called Yes (2017)

Tall Tales (2016)