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Randy S. Miller

Randy S. Miller

Randy is an architect in Seattle and has been performing at Jet City Improv since 2010. This is his second run of this wholesome show. And he is excited to share the stage with this wonderful cast.

Joined Jet City Improv


Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As actor

Antiques Improv Show (2019, 2015)

The Nightmare Society (2018, 2017)

Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas (2018)

Austen Translation (2016, 2013)

Good Morning Campers (2015)

Very Special Episode (2015)

Upside Downton (2014)

Clues (2014, 2010)

Inferno (2010)

As director

World's Fair (2013)

As set designer

Upside Downton (2014)

World's Fair (2013)

It's Your Wonderful Life (2011)

Quiz Show (2011)

Unspeakable Horrors (2010)