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What If

You made your flight, but what if you hadn’t? You did the right thing, but what if it wasn’t? It all happened one way, but what if it didn’t?

Jet City Improv is proud to present the return of What If, an improvised comedy about chance, fate, all the stories that exist for choices that never happened.

Even if you’ve never seen movies like Sliding Doors and Run Lola Run you can probably think back on something you did and ask: “what if?” What if you had turned left instead of right or said yes instead of no? And what if you could see what your choice would mean?

At What If, your job as the audience is simple: enjoy an original and unscripted story (based on one of your suggestions) and wait for the right moment to run up and press a giant red button mounted on the front of the stage. When you do, you’ll cause a rift in time based on the last thing a character did and create a parallel story to go along with the original. Suddenly an innocent coin flip now has lasting repercussions. The choice of ketchup or mustard now has drastic consequences. And if two simultaneous stories isn’t enough for you, just wait – time could split again!

When can I see it?

Saturdays at 10:30, May 7 – June 18, 2016

What does it cost?

Tickets are $15, $12 for students (with ID) and seniors over 55 (also with ID), military personnel and TPS members.

Would you like to bring a group? Grab a discount for 10+ people by clicking here.

Age Appropriateness

Because alternate timelines usually contain mature subject matter (as everyone knows), this show will contain adult themes and language.



Director: Ian Schempp
Assistant Director: Britney Barber
Technical Improviser: David Gordon

About JCI Late Night

What If premiered in June of 2015 as the newest installment to Jet City Improv’s line of improvised plays and returns to the 2015-2016 Season as part of the brand new JCI Late Night series.

JCI Late Night is our collection of original formats that aim to push the boundaries of theater, uniting performers and audiences around a few thematic rules before setting them loose in pursuit of fast, funny, intelligent comedy that holds nothing back. Often provocative and always entertaining, these late night productions are sketch comedy’s cutting-edge cousin that don’t need a script or a set to deliver big laughs.

Press Materials

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Photo by Todd Gardiner

Photo by Todd Gardiner