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Help Us Map Our Power So We Can Tap Our Power!

Posted Oct 15, 2015 in Announcements, Words

We’re teaming up with ArtsFund and to raise funds for a much needed electrical upgrade to the Jet City Improv theater, and you can help!

This 80-year-old building saw many different tenants before we moved in. As a result, the walls are filled with remnants of old electric connections that are now useless.

VIDEO: Take a tour of our electric oddities

All of these electric mysteries have prevented us from upgrading our 40-year-old lighting system to energy-efficient LED equipment, but these are mysteries that can be solved by a professional . . . and you.

See the cost estimates from our electrician »

Your tax-deductible donations will be partially matched thanks to ArtsFund and power2give Puget Sound, so we only need $5000 in donations to reach our goal of $7500.

Click here to donate through »

With your help, we’ll be able to secure safe, reliable power for years to come. This project will close on November 4th, and only you have the POWER to help us reach our goal!

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