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10 Things To Fill Your Extra Daylight Saving Hour

Posted Nov 1, 2015 in Words

It happened! At some point this morning a magic, glorious extra hour slipped into your all your clocks and rolled back the time to an hour earlier!

If you’re a parent, this means nothing, because babies don’t care. If you’re a student, you were awake to watch it happen but stayed up an hour later and canceled it out. If you’re a cow, you didn’t notice (more on that under #5 on the list below). But hey cow, while we’ve got you here, a quick question we’ve always wanted an answer to: do you ever drink your own milk as an adult, or would that be as weird for you as it would be for us?

Anyways, here are 10 useful things for you to fill your extra hour today, totaling 60 minutes. By the end of it you will feel refreshed, hydrated, and amazed that it feels later than it actually is.

1) Read this blog post (2 min)

2) Watch this video about our theater’s weird electricity (2 min)

3) Join JCI’s Movember Team and either shave or exercise because of it (7 min)

4) Read up on our 2015-2016 Season (5 min)

5) Watch this video by Last Week Tonight explaining Daylight Saving Time (3 min)

6) Watch a video with a different explanation of Daylight Saving Time (7 min)

7) Go down a Wikipedia rabbit hole trying to reconcile the different stories you’ve now heard about Daylight Saving Time, ultimately trusting no-one (16 min)

8) Spend 10 minutes cleaning up soggy Halloween cobwebs. Better to get it out of the way now. It’s not going to stop raining long enough for them to dry out or anything like that. (15 min)

9) Realize that all those soggy cobwebs look like snow and would have been perfectly acceptable Christmas decorations. (1 min)

10) Drink a glass of water. A big one. It’s good for you. (2 min)

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Nov 10, 2015 at 17:12

I just wanted to mention I really enjoyed this post (as well as that video about the weird electricity). Zap Zap

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