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For Your 2015 Year-End Giving, Join the Propellers Club!

Posted Dec 1, 2015 in Improv For Good, Words

For many people, the big yellow building that houses Jet City Improv is more than just a theater or a great place to have a fun time. It’s a home – yours and ours. But we are not always at home. Sometimes, we go to where we are needed.

We go to visit kids who are incarcerated. We show them new ways to open up using improv skills.

We go to visit kids who are sick or in crisis. We play with them on stage and off and put on the best show we can.

This is who we are. We call it Improv for Good, and you’re a big part of it.

Camp_Goodtimes 2003 1

Our outreach programs reached over 900 kids this year, not counting parents, counselors, nurses, and friends who also got to laugh and play.

This year, thanks in part to you, we added more camps to our roster than ever before and did not have to turn down a single invitation. And we still want to add more in 2016.

[Click here to join the Propellers Club and be a part of next year]

When we’re at home, Jet City Improv makes thousands of people laugh, using improv skills and techniques that bring the word “Yes!” into shows full of collaboration and connection.  This positive attitude is what makes improvisation so fun and so popular. Our big yellow house rocks with laughter and joy.

Imagine the impact learning those positive skills will have next year on kids whose lives have led to incarceration.

“Thank you for coming to J Hall today…It was certainly a nice change from staying in our cells.” – Zeke

“You are a really funny guy and thank you for helping kids like us that are in lock up and can’t see our family.” – Joseph


As you read this, our performers and directors are hard at work creating new plays and formats that test the limits of improv comedy and uncover new ways to bring cutting-edge interactive theater to our audiences. Current and upcoming productions like Antiques Improv Show, Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas, Twisted Flicks, Tall Tales, and Every Movie Is A Musical are all examples of the talent of our wonderful company of performers brings to the stage.

Imagine the laughter those performers will share with kids in 2016 who are looking for a reason to laugh.

“When we consider our yearly programming, we always add Jet City to the ‘must include’ list as both our anecdotal feedback and survey data supports what we already know…a visit from jet City equals smiles and laughs.” – Tanya, Camp Director Camp Goodtimes

“Jet City’s performance is a chance where every kid can participate and each child has a chance at having their voice heard. It’s a great opportunity for them to forget about all of their worries and have a chance to sit, relax and laugh for an hour.” – Marie, Head Counselor Camp Casey

“Yes we LOVE having you guys out! Cannot wait to see you guys!” – Tessie, camp counselor at Burn Camp Eyabsut

So now, at the end of the tax year, here’s the pitch: we would love for you to help us out with a donation, no matter how big or small. And if you’d like to make a one-time gift that you’ll be able to write off on your taxes, you can do so by clicking here. Deduction: done.

[Click here to make a one-time donation]

But there’s another way to help: we want you to join the Propellers Club and pledge to give in 2016. By joining our club of recurring donors you’ll be supporting Jet City Improv all year, even when you’re not thinking of us!

[Click here to join the Propellers Club]

When you set up your safe and automatic donation for as little as $10 per month, you’ll also be setting yourself up for a big deduction next year. Just $10 every month will get you a $120 deduction. Even $25 per month means a $300 deduction next year. Once you’ve joined, we’ll be sending you special announcements and news, as well as a Propellers Club Pin that really spins!

Propeller Pin

Our goal is 50 Propellers Club members by December 31 and you can sign up right now by clicking here.

This big yellow building is more than just a theater. It’s a home, and it is part of a larger community that we share. Come be a part of our team in 2016.

[Click here to make a one-time donation]

[Click here to join the Propellers Club]

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