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#GiveBIG Website Down, But Tomorrow Is A New Day!

Posted May 3, 2016 in Announcements, Improv For Good

The big day had finally arrived, and everyone was excited. You were excited to give, and we were excited to tell you about all the good your donation would be doing.

And then: nothing worked!

If you tried to donate to Jet City Improv through the Seattle Foundation’s website, thank you so much for trying. There was nothing wrong with your computer or credit card. Thousands of people like you who were trying to do some good weren’t able to process their donation due to a system-wide technical error on the GiveBIG website.

Here’s the good news straight from the Seattle Foundation:

As you may know, GiveBIG and Giving Days across the country have been challenged by issues with the technology platform … Given all these factors, Seattle Foundation is extending GiveBIG through midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4.

The spirit of GiveBIG and the generosity of our community extend beyond 24 hours and a technology challenge cannot stand in the way of us meeting the needs of Greater Seattle.

So there you have it. The annual one-day giving event is now a two-day giving event.

Here’s our advice: take tonight off. Relax, fix yourself a nice dinner, maybe go to bed a half-hour early. We’ll be in touch tomorrow as soon as we know that the system works, and we’ve already got a pretty amazing back-up plan ready to go as well.

See you tomorrow!

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