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How to #GiveBIG to Jet City Improv

Posted May 2, 2016 in Announcements, Improv For Good

Can you feel that excitement in the air? Have you seen all the posts on social media from your favorite non-profits?  It’s time for the Seattle Foundation’s annual one-day donation bonanza supporting local non-profits (like us) is here, and there is a LOT going on today!

If a 24-hour period of stretched matching funds sounds like a lot to handle on a Tuesday, we’re here to help. Below are three steps to help you organize your thoughts and and participate in the biggest #GiveBIG so you can go to bed tonight with a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Jet City Improv

Perhaps the most obvious part of a day called “GiveBIG” is also the easiest!

Here’s the gist of it: every online donation to Wing-It Productions DBA Jet City Improv via The Seattle Foundation’s website on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, will receive a prorated portion of the matching funds known as the “stretch pool.” The amount of the “stretch” depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day.

As long as you have an Internet connection (or access to the Internet on your mobile phone), you can participate! And it doesn’t matter if you give a dollar or a $1,000, every contribution makes a big impact and gives us the chance to win bonus funds from the Seattle Foundation!

[Click here to #GiveBIG to Jet City Improv!]




Venue 620x400

Our friends at the Kirkland Performance Center are hosting a very cool open house for all their performance partners and you’re invited!

The evening includes light refreshments, a Jet City Improv performance at 6:00, and a chance to see some cool performing arts organizations that will make you feel smart, cultured, and beautiful.

[Click here to learn more about the #GiveBIG Open House at KPC]



Photo by Todd Gardiner

If you followed the steps above, you’ll want to sit back and take a moment to feel pretty good inside. Here’s why:

Every donation made during GiveBIG is partially matched, which means you can feel pretty good about giving to support the shows you love while knowing that you’ll be getting matched to benefit all the shows we do for kids who are battling tough illnesses across the state of Washington.

Think of it this way: when you GiveBIG for your shows, you’re getting matched for theirs.

We’ve got a record number of summer camps coming up this year and your donations always make a big difference in the lives of kids facing some serious hardship. Your donations help us travel far and wide to provide a laugh to those who need it most. If this is the first time you’ve heard about our extensive outreach programs, you can read up on them here.

But wait, there’s more! Every donation gives us (and you) a chance to win special bonuses and prizes. Here’s The Seattle Foundation’s explanation of the bonuses available to you (and us) on GiveBIG:

1. Give MORE: All nonprofits participating in GiveBIG, will receive a percentage of the stretch pool. This percentage depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day. Contributions are raised by Seattle Foundation philanthropists, corporate sponsors and other community partners in advance of GiveBIG.

2. Give BIG, Win BIG: Corporate sponsored Golden Tickets will be announced throughout the day on GiveBIG giving lucky donors a chance to win additional bonus dollars for their favorite nonprofit. In addition, you can share your GiveBIG support with your friends for a chance to win a 24-person SoundersFC suite for you and your favorite nonprofit! Enter to win by using the hashtag #givebig and tagging @soundersfc and @Seattle Foundation in any Facebook post.

Even if you just give a couple of dollars, you’ll be supporting our work in a big way.

Thanks for giving BIG!

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