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You Can Help Us Replace These Old, Hot Lights!

Posted May 8, 2016 in Words

Let’s get right to the point: for one of the last times before the power2give platform goes away forever, we’ve got a chance to receive up to $2500 from ArtsFund to purchase brand-new lighting equipment. But we need your help to do it!

The lighting equipment we gathered when we first moved into this building was old to begin with. It is now 50 years old. Some of these old lights have broken down, others had to be retrofitted with grounding wires. All of them are extremely greedy when it comes to electricity and give off a lot of heat when in use.

How hot, you ask? As we demonstrate in the video below, each of our lights get hot enough to fry an egg. Now picture up to 25 of them up and running during a sold-out show. Needless to say, it’s time for a change!

VIDEO: Watch us cook an egg on these lights.

With your help, we’re looking to follow up our building’s total electrical makeover (which you made possible last October) with the modern lighting equipment it deserves. New lights means better-looking shows, less power used during each show, and virtually heatless LED bulbs that don’t require us to run our air conditioning twice as high!

See the cost for the new equipment »

Your tax-deductible donations will be partially matched thanks to ArtsFund and power2give Puget Sound, so we only need $5000 in donations to reach our goal of $7500.

Click here to donate through »

With your help, we’ll be able to finally acquire cooler, greener LED lighting equipment that will last for years to come – and use a lot less power in the process.

Ready to help us ditch these miniature stoves for newer, cooler, greener lighting equipment? We have until June 9th to get those matching funds!

1 Comment:

Bike Burphy

May 9, 2016 at 15:16

You should have cracked that egg on yourself, handsome!

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