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Thanks for working so hard to #GiveBIG!

Posted May 4, 2016 in Announcements, Improv For Good

-Updated Thursday May 5-

What a crazy two days this has been!

Yesterday’s technical errors on the GiveBIG website made headlines nation-wide and prevented lots of good people (like you) from giving to local organizations (like us) during the Seattle Foundation’s annual one-day donation bonanza. The deadline to give was extended until midnight tonight as technical errors persisted through last night and into today.

But get this: if the numbers we’re seeing are correct, this is going to be our biggest GiveBIG. Ever.

That’s truly incredible news, and we are in awe of your generosity – and tenacity! While we can only imagine what might have been had the GiveBIG website worked properly to begin with, we can’t thank you enough for not giving up.

Even on the second day of the event we were still hearing reports of donations taking a long time to process. We even attempted to donate to ourselves on Wednesday morning and watched as the payment page took over an hour to process.

Here’s the good news: by the time GiveBIG’s technical errors were fixed we had already set up a new in-house fundraising campaign that will launch this Sunday. It’s aimed at replacing our current 50-year-old lights with brand new LED lights. Your donations to that project will help us access a matching pool considerably larger than that of GiveBIG (up to $2500 just for us) and it’s all using the familiar power2give platform.

If you were one of the donors who was able to push through the long wait and give during GiveBIG, thank you. Your donations go a long way in helping us visit more camps this summer than ever before and bring laughter to kids facing life-altering illness and disabilities. You’ve gone above and beyond to help us out, and we may never stop thanking you.

To everyone who attempted to donate but were unable to, thank you for being part of our family. We’re already cooking up the next big project (literally – you’ll see what we mean on Sunday) and can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.

Jet City Improv

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