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Posted Jun 29, 2016 in Deals, Shows

Scrape the s’mores off that sleeveless Mount Rushmore shirt a few days early, America!

Jump-start your holiday weekend with the return of ‘Merica Night, our liberty-loving salute to the best damn nation on Earth. Festivities will include cheap cans of America beer (you know the ones) at the concessions stand, patriotic improv games, a (simulated) indoor fireworks show, and star-spangled prizes for the best suggestions of the night.

Plus, anyone wearing a shirt that is sleeveless and/or features something truly ‘Merican gets $1 off every drink and snack purchase at the bar and concessions stand. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.

When the night is over and the firework smoke has cleared, you’ll be going home with a 2016 Madness Pass, good for $5 tickets all summer long at the rest of our Summer Madness shows. That’s sweeter than a slice of apple pie.

Tickets: 8:0010:30

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