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“The Brainiac” – This Week at Twisted Flicks

Posted Jun 19, 2016 in Shows

A Mexican monster movie originally known as El Barón del Terror was brought to the US in 1962 and re-dubbed into English as The Brainiac. Now Twisted Flicks will re-re-dub it based on your suggestions!

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Why did they call it The Brainiac? Here’s our guess: the studio that bought the rights to the film sat around and tried to think of a phrase in English that could describe a “baron of terror,” couldn’t do it, got frustrated, and started slinging soft 1960’s insults at each-other until somebody said “OK brainiac, why don’t you tell us what the movie should be called?”

And then the monster stuck his giant tongue in someone’s ear to eat their brain and the rest was history.

Doors will open at 7:30 at each performance this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so be sure to arrive early to submit your suggestions.

Catch the trailer for the un-twisted original below, and click here to reserve a seat.


Mike Christensen – Prof. Milan
Jerry Haener – Ronny Miranda
Tim Harahan – Baron Vitelius d’Estera
Ren Logan – Vicky Contreras
Amanda Sproule – Ana Vivar
Art Koshi – Music


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