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Help Us Open A Brand New Door

Posted Sep 17, 2016 in Words

Let’s get right to the point: before the power2give platform goes away forever, we’ve got one last chance to receive up to $2500 from ArtsFund to replace our ancient, damaged front doors.

We’re hoping you can help us out one more time!

When our building made the transition from a 1930’s lumber warehouse to a theater, brave men worked hard to shrink and re-fit the giant double doors that now serve as the main portal to Jet City Improv. But time has a way of re-sizing anything made of wood, and the doors that keep our theater safe and secure are loose in their frame and in desperate need of repair.

Large gaps have formed between and underneath each door, and we’ve had to add larger and larger screws to the hinges to keep them in place. There are no more screws.

VIDEO: Hear the doors cry for help.

Not only do these gaps allow cold air in, they also require us to chain the doors shut whenever the theater is empty. Without this chain, our doors would run the risk of being forced open by the simplest of tools and we could lose everything.

With your help, we’ll kick off our 25th Season with brand new metal doors that don’t require a chain and keep all the laughter and warmth where it belongs: inside with you. Here’s the list of what we’re looking to purchase and install this fall:

See the cost for the new equipment »

Your tax-deductible donations will be partially matched thanks to ArtsFund and power2give Puget Sound, so we only need $5000 in donations to reach our goal of $7500.

Click here to donate through »

Ready to help us open the door to the next era of Jet City Improv as we prepare to kick off our 25th season? We only have until September 30th to get those matching funds!

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