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26th Season of Shows!

Posted Aug 25, 2017 in Announcements, Shows, Words

To kick off its 26th season of improv comedy shows, Jet City Improv is thrilled to announce a slate of new productions!

“This season is truly a reflection of where our audience is at this moment,” says Andrew McMasters, Former Artistic Director of Jet City Improv. “It reflects their concerns, fears and hopes, and I can’t wait to see these shows in action!”

Want to catch an improv comedy show? Here’s the upcoming shows in the season:

Mar 1-9 // Thu-Fri at 8 pm
Jet City Improv Limited Edition Show
Created by The National Theatre of the World
Directed by Dave Clapper

One part script. Two parts improv. Script Tease is a brave new collaboration between the scripted and improvised theater communities. This courageous production challenges a playwright to write the first six pages of a brand new play. You see us perform a staged reading. Then we drop our scripts and improvise the rest.


Mar 15-Apr 20 // Thu-Fri at 8 pm
The New Improvised Musical
Created and directed by Joe Koenen

Get swept up in this fantastical improvised musical that’s all singing, all dancing and all fun. You shout out suggestions. Then we improvise a sexy, vibrant and outrageous story in song.

For two nights, Jet City Improv performed a show called “Roxy Music Horror Show”. It did so without the consent of the intellectual property rights holders of either “Roxy Music” or “The Rocky Horror Show”, aka “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. No affiliation with either was intended to be expressed or implied. No songs or dialogue from either was used. Jet City Improv apologizes for any confusion on this issue.

Half improv comedy. Half drinking game. All fun!

Mar 31-May 12 // Sat at 10:30 pm
Jet City Improv Late Night Show
Created and directed by Nathan Cox

Shot Prov blurs the line between comedy and drinking game. You’ll be entertained by Seattle’s funniest improvisers as they start out sober and end up drunk. Each show boasts a random set of rules. Every time an improviser breaks a rule, they have to take a shot. After they take 5 shots, they’re booted out of the game. Here’s the catch: the improvisers don’t get to see the rules. Our bar (cider, beer, liquor and wine) will be open throughout the show! Let’s wind down and drink up!

May 19-Jun 30 // Sat at 10:30 pm
Jet City Improv Late Night Show
Created by Mandy Price

ASSBUTTS (Amazing Spectacular Super Bold Unscripted Terrific Theater Show). Seattle’s favorite improvisers from CSz Seattle, Unexpected Productions and Jet City Improv do whatever they want. Zero plans. Zero rules. All comedy!

8 to 6

May 3-Jun 8 // Thu-Fri at 8 pm
Jet City Improv Presents Show
Created by Mandy Price and Doug Willott
Directed by Laura Turner

Cubicles! Pant suits! TIME TRAVEL. 8 to 6 is an empowering improv comedy show that takes a hard look at the modern workplace. You’ll follow the story of 2 righteous working women from the year 1980 who travel forward in time to the year 2018. Along the way, they’ll uncover what progress has been made and what hasn’t. You shout out suggestions. Then we bring this uproarious, insightful story to life.

1 Comment:

Rob Bellsey

Mar 1, 2018 at 22:02

I am EXTREMELY interested in coming to watch. But even more to come audition. I am a former NYC actor/bartender and sell cruises here in Seattle. Acting, improv, comedy, creativity, spontaneous combustion of the mind and mouth. Can I send a resume? Is there a better day to come to a show to pick brains after? Break a leg, Rob

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