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Indie Month final 2 nights, Jet City Improv, Nightmare Society and more!!!!

Posted Oct 4, 2018 in Announcements, Cast Lists, Press, Shows

 Indie Month Final Performances –  Indie Month is a hilarious high-energy celebration of Seattle’s independant improv comedy community. This awesome improv comedy festival invites 30 plus teams and 100+ improvisers to perform at Jet City Improv.  Take in the best of Seattle’s independant improv scene!!  Each night will feature four improv groups.    Final Thursday and Friday at 7:30pm!!!

Thursday Oct 4, 7:30pm FEATURING;

Wood 4 Sheep, Carskee, Thunder Gap, Schrödinger’s CatBox

Friday Oct 5, 7:30pm FEATURING;

Yesterdays Cake, Dead Letters, Vultures, Zach and Kayla

 The Nightmare Society – Saturday Oct 6 – 10:00PM

Do you dare enter the horrible haunting world of the mind? The Nightmare Society tells the tale of a commune of artists who realize nightmares at the sound of a grandfather clock. This twisted improv comedy show explores the eeriness and absurdity of nightmares. You write down your fears. Then we bring them to life.

→ Jet City Improv  –   Friday Oct 5 at 10:00PM AND Saturday Oct 6 at 7:30PM!!!   Seattle’s favorite high-energy short form comedy show takes the stage this weekend for TWO BIG SHOWS with NEW TIMES.

Friday Oct 5, 10:00pm

Kayla Teel – MC

Rebekah Schroeter  – SFX

Taya Beattie

Preston McNeil

Mykaela Hopps

Zach Wymore

Kar Fedosh – Technical Improviser

Saturday Oct 6, 7:30pm 

Doug Willott – MC

Pearl Townsend – SFX

Cailey Nickerson

Lindsey Peterson

Rebekah Schroeter


Joe Viscia – Technical Improviser




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