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SFIT Preview and THREE huge Jet City Improv shows! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Posted Jan 2, 2019 in Announcements, Cast Lists, Shows

The funniest week in Seattle is nearly here!

The Seattle Festival of Improv Theater takes to the stage from February 20-24! For the 17th year in a row, we’ve assembled the best and brightest improv comedy teams from Seattle and around the country for one huge showcase of everything there is to love about unscripted comedy. 25 nationally-renowned teams are taking to the stage to perform at 2 venues in 1 week, and you’re invited to have all the fun you can handle!

Can’t wait? You don’t have to! Head on over to Jet City Improv at 7:30pm on Thursday Jan 3  and Friday Jan 4 to catch a preview of the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater. Each show will feature three fantastic fan-favorites!


→ Jet City Improv  –   >Three Shows This Weekend<   Fri Jan 4 (10:00) and Sat Jan 5 (7:30 and 10:00)    Seattle’s favorite high-energy short form comedy show takes the stage this weekend.   

Check out your cast below!

Friday Jan 4 10:00

Margaret Erickson – MC

Tayler Lynn – SFX

Kris Corbitt

Tara Pozo

Lindsey Peterson

Kayla Teel

Tara Curran – Technical Improviser


Saturday Jan 5 – 7:30

Brandon Jepson – MC

Daniel Radoll – SFX

Greg Gerbus

Lindsey Peterson

Rebekah Schroeter

Taya Beattie

Mandy Bowyer – Technical Improviser


Saturday Jan 5 – 10:00

Chris Dewar – MC

Rebekah Schroeter – SFX

Mike Christensen

Joe Koenen

Brandon Jepson

Margaret Erickson

Isaac Chamberlain – Technical Improviser

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