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Yes, Anderson, Jet City Improv, The College Improv Tournament; These Intense Shows Will Shake Even The Most Skeptic Non-Believer!

Posted Jan 16, 2019 in Announcements

→ Yes Anderson  The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.   The Grand Budapest Hotel. The Royal Tenenbaums.   Accidental Wes Anderson on Reddit.  You know him, you love him, and so do we. Directed by Katy Nuttman, Yes Anderson is an improvised journey of humanity with a bit of cinematic beauty and eccentricity folded in.

Expect coming of age stories, family dramas, and big personalities in peculiar situations. As inspired by the iconic style of Wes Anderson, characters will build a beautiful world then find a way to fit in.

7:30 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, Jan. 10 through the 25 & Jan. 31 through Feb. 15, 2019.

→ Chicago College Improv Tournament Northwest Regionals – All Day Saturday Jan 19 at 12:00, 2:00, 4:00 and 10PM!!  See Below for Details and tickets.

→ Jet City Improv  –   >Two Shows This Weekend<   Fri Jan 18 (10:00) and Sat Jan 19 (7:30)    Seattle’s favorite high-energy short form comedy show takes the stage this weekend.   

Check out your casts below!

Friday Jan 18 10:00PM

Chris Dewar – MC

Jessica Dunstan – SFX

Cailey Nickerson

Rebekah Schroeter

Zach Wymore

Teague Parker – Debut Show

Isaac Chamberlain – Technical Improviser


Saturday Jan 19 – 7:30PM

Ian Schempp – MC

Joshua Lewis – SFX

Lindsey Peterson

Rebekah Schroeter

Molly Toleffson

Ben Cohen – Debut Show

Sky Boggs – Debut Show

August Franzen – Technical Improviser


→ The College Improv Tournament – Saturday, January 20th

For tickets go to:

The College Improv Tournament is a rapidly-growing competition and celebration of collegiate improv around the United States and Canada. Featuring over 120 teams from North America will compete in 14 regional competitions.

Each team will get 20 minutes to do any kind of improv that they like, short form, long form, musical, narrative, etc. As long as it’s improvised, it works for us!

Regional competitions take place in Kansas City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Local, professional improvisers act as judges and give feedback to all teams at every level of the tournament and decide who moves on.

The winner of each regional moves on to the North American Championships in Chicago to battle it out for the title of College Improv Tournament’s North American Champion!

Stand by for list of competing groups!


12:00 PM Preliminary Match

•Actually Gavin – University of Portland
•Five Fun Fungi – University of Colorado Boulder
•UBC Improv – University of British Columbia


2:00 PM Preliminary Match

•Left Right Tim – University of Colorado Boulder
•Yes Ampersand – University of Victoria
•Absolute Improv – University of Oregon


4:00 PM Preliminary Match

•The Collective – University of Washington
•Spaghetti Confession – University of Colorado Boulder
•Mama’s Little Secret – Portland State University


10:00 PM Finals Match

•12 PM Preliminary Winner
•2 PM Preliminary Winner
•4 PM Preliminary Winner
•Wildcard Winner

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