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Claim of Thrones, Party Favors, Mile High Club and Jet City Improv

Posted Jun 5, 2019 in Announcements, Cast Lists, Deals, Shows

Claim of Thrones – CLOSING WEEKEND!! Lend your banners and choose wisely, because when playing for the Claim of Thrones, you win . . . or you die.
This spring, Jet City Improv is proud to present the heralded return of Claim of Thrones – a treacherous, unpredictable comedy inspired by HBO’s hit series. Each performance is a brand and fully improvised story of betrayal, seduction, and devastating surprises as the fate of warring families is guided by the choices of the audience. Every character’s loyalty, morality, and honor is ultimately up to you, and the choices you make will guide your favorite house to power and glory or ruin and gruesome death.  7:30 pm on Thursday and Friday June 6 & 7 

Party Favors – It’s a party and YOU’RE INVITED! What are we celebrating? Two things:

  1. We’re here to have fun!
  2. We’re glad you came!

What’s a party without presents? Bring a gift (we’ll have a gift-wrapping station if you don’t want to wrap it before-hand) and then watch as the cast gets the surprise of opening your present, then you get the surprise of seeing what the cast turns that present into on stage. Finally, we may have a present for you as well. What will you pick? One of the gifts we’ve already unwrapped? Or perhaps a mystery gift from the ever-growing present pile? See what’s inside this Spring and come get your Party Favors!

Jet City Improv –  Saturday at 7:30pm – our flagship show since 1992 and counting, is Seattle’s own brand of short-form improv comedy. Every show is a blast of brand new scenes, games, and songs, all based on audience suggestions and crafted into pure comedy by our seasoned improvisers.

It’s your show every weekend: a mix of classic improv comedy games with brand new creations and plenty of audience interaction.

So whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a bachelortette party, or just the arrival of the weekend, Jet City Improv is an audience-powered good time that’s brand new just for you!

Mile High Club – Experimental.  Mature audiences.   Fridays at 10:00pm


Mile High Club – 10PM FRIDAY

Preston McNeil – Cap’n

Ian Schempp

Margaret Erickson

Tara Pozo

Cailey Nickerson

Brandon Jepson

Molly Tollefson


Laura Turner – MC

Lindsey Peterson

Ian Schempp

Taya Beattie

Brandon Baker

Jessica Dunston

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