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Jet City Improv

Saturdays at 7:30pm
Our flagship show for 26 years and counting! Seattle’s own brand of short-form improv comedy. Every show is a blast of brand new scenes and games, all based on audience suggestions. Tickets & More Info

Twisted Flicks

The last weekend of every month
A retro movie shown on our big screen,  but we turn the sound off. Then, the team improvises new dialogue, sound effects and a live musical score – using audience suggestions to fill in the blanks. Tickets & More Info


Opens March 5
Opens March 5 Tickets & More Info

Shot Prov

Saturdays at 10pm
Shot Prov blurs the line between comedy and drinking game. You’ll be entertained by Seattle’s funniest improvisers as they start out sober and end up drunk. Tickets & More Info

Fridays at 10

A rotating set of shows. Missed the show you wanted to see this month? It’ll come back around next month!
Tickets & More Info

Coming Soon

Matchelor in Paradise

Saturdays at 7:30pm
Last season’s hit show continues, but this time we’ll be following our contestants to a tropical paradise as they hit the beach, hook up and try to find love…for all the right reasons.
Opens March 21
Tickets & More Info