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Periods In History

Jet City Improv presents the world premier of PERIODS IN HISTORY, a crass and fearless comedy about the whole of human history performed by an all-female cast of improvisers.

Audiences are invited to experience the past like never before as they submit stories about their modern-day life and discover their connection to infamous, obscure, or completely fictionalized events in history in ways they never could have imagined.

Each performance will offer several chances for volunteers from the audience to learn about the historical significance of their life through a series of improvised biographies, reenactments, and the occasional tall tale, sparing none of the awful details that made the past so miserable.

The show is clever and funny, using humor to fill in the gaps and make historical figures and events come alive,” says co-creator Laura Turner. “We want history to feel relatable, but it’s going to be absurd more than anything else.”

“History sucks,” adds co-creator Alison Luhrs. “But that’s why it’s so important that we pay attention to it.”

When can I see it?

Saturdays at 10:30, October 15 – November 19, 2016

What does it cost?

Advance tickets are $10 on Thursdays, $12-$15 on Fridays plus a $2 service fee. Tickets at the door are $15-$18. Discounts are available for students (with ID) and seniors over 55 (also with ID), military personnel and TPS members.

Would you like to bring a group? Grab a discount for 10+ people by clicking here.

Age Appropriatenesss

History is full of awful people saying awful things and doing awful things, and this show is about that history. For that reason, and lots of others, this show is for mature audiences only and viewer discretion is strongly advised.

What do I bring?

In the spirit of Jet City Improv’s outreach work, audiences attending a performance of PERIODS IN HISTORY can receive a free small popcorn when in exchange for a donation for All Cycles, a grassroots organization that provides menstrual supplies for homeless or income-insecure people in Seattle of all or no genders. Acceptable donations include new and unopened packages of pads, tampons, body wipes, and cotton underwear of various sizes and styles. Audience members simply need to drop off their donation at the concessions stand before the performance to receive a free small popcorn as a way of saying thanks, limit one per person.



Created and directed by Laura Turner and Alison Luhrs
Technical Improviser: Caitlin Sinclair

Press And Photos

Click here for the Periods In History Press Release
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About JCI Late Night

Periods in History is the newest addition to JCI Late Night, our collection of original formats that push the boundaries of theater by uniting performers and audiences around a few thematic rules before setting them loose in pursuit of fast, funny, intelligent comedy that holds nothing back. Often provocative and always entertaining, these late-night productions are sketch comedy’s cutting-edge cousin that don’t need a script or a set to deliver big laughs.