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Year-Round Youth Outreach

When we’re not visiting summer camps for kids with life-altering illness or disabilities across the state of Washington, we’re doing our best to support some great programs a little closer to home.

Read on to learn more about our ongoing partnership with youth outreach organizations in the city of Seattle.


Every week, a Jet City Improv teaching artist visits one hall at the King County Juvenile Detention Facility to teach and play ¬†with the incarcerated youth there. It’s a chance for these kids to participate in improv; one of the most accessible and engaging art forms around, while laughing and connecting with their peers. Beyond the facility, we ensure that every kid that we meet at the facility has two tickets waiting in their discharge file and knows how to apply to volunteer or work at the Jet City Improv Theater.

Jet City Improv also has a presence at the following organizations:

  • Homeless youth and youth in transition at the Sanctuary Arts Center Visual Storytelling Program
  • Sea Mar CHCs Renacer Youth Treatment Center
  • Jefferson Community Center High School Mock Trial presentation training

To support these programs and the rest of Jet City Improv’s outreach work, click here.