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Adina Gillett

Adina Gillett

A friend brought Adina to see Jet City Improv, and she was hooked. She was thrilled to be welcomed into the Wing-It Productions family in 1999. She has performed in Jet City Improv, Twisted Flicks, Daytime T.V., PROJECT: B-Movie, and The Beauty Pageant. She has studied theater at UCLA, Freehold, and Bellevue Community College. When Adina's not doing improv, she's enjoying her amazing husband Donnie and their two future improvisers Zander and Piper. When unused pockets of time reveal themselves, she fills them with flag football, traveling to countries that require shots, and the Irish pennywhistle.

Joined Jet City Improv


Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As actor:

Blak Cloud (2013)

Final Transmission (2011)

Shades of Gray (2008)

D.R. (2007)

PROJECT: B-Movie (2007)

Cut! (2006)

Reality World (2006, 2005)

Clues (2006)

The Beauty Pageant  (2005)

Twisted Flicks (various years)

As director:

Black Flag (2015, with Anthony van Winkle)

Gauntlet (2012, with Andrew McMasters)

Inferno (2010)

Lovetanic (2009, with Justin Sund)

Lease (2008, with Justin Sund)