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Art Koshi

Art Koshi

Art Koshi has been an accompanist for over 18 years. His experience in improvising music for dance classes led to working with the Honolulu’s longest-running improv group, On The Spot. With OTS, he improvised the musical scores for shows such as Hush (a silent movie), Tale Tell Dreadful (Victorian era penny dreadfuls), True Wes (a play in the style of Wes Anderson), La Café (a French Farce) and Hitchcock. He has performed in improvisational theater festivals such as the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, Chicago Improv Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, and Austin's Out of Bounds Festival. Art plays piano, bass, guitar and percussion, and has composed various pieces for dance, theater and film. He joined Jet City Improv in 2015 and has played for many a Twisted Flick. During the day he is a musician for Pacific Northwest Ballet, Cornish College of the Arts, Spectrum Dance Theater, All That Dance, Dance Fremont and Seattle Theater Group’s Dance for Parkinson’s.

Twisted Flicks Cast Member

Since 2015

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Over 75