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Brandon L. Jepson – Director

Brandon L. Jepson – Director

Brandon has been a part of Jet City Improv for over 20 years. He’s previously directed seven shows on this stage, including Clues, World’s Fair (with Randy Miller) and Over and Through. As an improviser, he’s performed over 500 times in our flagship Jet City Improv show, as well as has been an ensemble member in such JCI Presents shows as The Startup, The Irish Wake, Reunion Tour, and Twisted Flicks. He’s also performed in scripted theater at Theater Schmeater, Theater Babylon (RIP), and Open Circle Theatre (RIP). He is also the Production Director of JCI. He dedicates this show to his wife Shannon and his li’l Sasquatch Jasper.

Jet City Improv Presents

As Actor:

The Startup (2017)

The Irish Wake (2007, 2008)

D.R. (2007)

Reunion Tour (2007)

CUT! (2006)

The Beauty Pageant (2005)

PROJECT: B-Movie (2005)

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show (2004, 2005)

Twisted Flicks (various years)

As Director:

World's Fair (2013)

Clues (2006, 2010, 2014)

Over & Through (2008)

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show (2005, 2005)