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Derrek Greenleaf

Derrek Greenleaf

Derrek Greenleaf has been a member of Jet City Improv since the mid 90's. He began his improv career at Gonzaga University while earning his BSEE. GUTS, Gonzaga's improv team, was Derrek's launching pad, where he was both a player and council member. (Few realize Derrek was one of Gonzaga's great basketball the intramural, under 6-foot league.) He went on to form "The Imps," an educational Improv group devoted to training young actors at the Inland Northwest Theater Arts Festival. He also was a founder of Laughing Gas, and a member of HiJinx, both in Spokane. Derrek appeared in numerous stage productions while at Gonzaga. He credits his wife, Carmen, and their three strapping boys as his greatest inspiration.

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Trivia Night at Rick's (2016)