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Isaac Chamberlain – Lights

Isaac Chamberlain – Lights

Inexplicably, Isaac irrevocably initiates a seventh senseless sortie to the dreary darkness of the Jet City Improv technical balcony. On the occasion of this particular pestilential pilgrimage, his dismal duty is the illumination (a word which here means, "artistic allocation of light") of irredeemably ill-fated inhabitants of a woefully wicked world. An admonition to the audience: anguish awaits anyone affected by nasty narration, nevertheless, patrons' persistent presence is preferable.

Jet City Improv Presents

As Technical Improviser & Designer:

Party Favors (2019)

Yes Anderson (2019)

The New Improvised Musical (2018)

The Nightmare Society (2018, 2017)

8 to 6 (2017)

Nancy You (2017)