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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy came to Seattle from Michigan in 2006.  He holds a BS in History from Northern Michigan University, where he  also had his first shot at improv.  Jeremy became a member of NMU's #1 improv comedy group On the Spot in the Fall of 2002 and never looked back.  He became a regular host and performer for the group as well as co-producer from 2004-2006. Since coming to Seattle Jeremy has been a regular with Jet City Improv.  You may recognize him from such roles and John Adams in The Declaration, Master Cho from theMost Extreme Improv Ninja Challenge, or even "the Cat-Wife" in his most recent show Over and Through.  Along with these Shows, Jeremy has lent his technical expertise to shows like D.R., Lease: Seattle's Own Rock Opera, and Election Show 2008, as well as lending his vocal talents to several Twisted Flicks.

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