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Jessica Dunstan

Jessica Dunstan

Jessica joined the Jet City Improv ensemble in 2018, before which she took classes at the Jet City Improv Academy. She has appeared in several Jet City Presents shows including A.S.S.B.U.T.T.S., Pitch Night, Shot Prov and The New Improvised Musical. In addition to performing with the cast, she also plays with the online-dating-themed improv group Swipe Left, and regularly attends the Coven and Prism jams. Her favorite research topics include techniques for supporting other players, object work, and modeling Word Ball as a Markov chain. She's grateful to be part of the improv community and knows it has shaped her into a better person; she'd like to show her gratitude by assisting with outreach programs. Outside of comedy, she enjoys reading manga, studying mathematics, and making new friends.

Jet City Improv Presents Appearances

As performer


The New Improvised Musical (2018)

Shot Prov (2018)

As director

The Tragic School Bus (2019)